Achieve Greatness With Friends for GOOD Causes


Recruiting for Good is a Collaborative Solution Helping People Raise Money for Bucket Challenges and Causes

How to Participate? 

1) Introduce family or friends who are executive decision makers (CEO, CIO, VP of HR) to help Recruiting for Good fund causes. Every time the executive retains Recruiting for Good to find professional staff, and pays for their service; Recruiting for Good shares a portion of their finder’s fee to fund causes. Click here to watch movie on how it works.

2) Recruiting for Good matches $1 for $1 raised for causes to reward and fund your team’s bucket list travel.

3) Our first Bucket Challenge for 2014 will be in New Zealand in October with Josh Johnson, click here for details.

In 2015 you can pick your own destination to accomplish, Pick your team (minimum of 4 friends), participate in Recruiting for Good (introduce social contacts), Recruiting for Good funds your bucket adventure, and rewards your cause $10,000; upon completing your team completing your bucket challenge for GOOD. 

Limited Spaces Available

We are rewarding just 10 people access to our first bucket list challenge. Officially Launching May 15, 2014. Deadline to sign up is June 15, 2014. Contact if you have any questions.